Wood carved mahogany Lamb of God with aluminum nimbus and banner  for St Thomas More Catholic Church in Chapel Hill, North Carolina 2013

Carved Maple with polished gesso. 12" tall.

        The Mandolin Player
         Carved Poplar.21"tall

                     The Morrigan                                      Carved poplar....20"tall.

            Carved Poplar 40" tall.

H       Majesty
   Carved Purple heart wood.Height 36".

                                                           Watchers in the wood.
This tree is a mass of carvings pertaining to faeries, goblins,and all the other unseen entities in nature. Having grown up in Co Sligo)a very rural and mountainous part of the north west of Ireland, In a thatched cottage with no electricity or running water. This landscape is charged with its legends, folklore, and superstitions
.My grandmother was a great believer in the Faery realm and had the greatest respect for them. I am very fortunate and grateful to my grandmother to the lasting impressions that she instilled in me. In 1999 three years after moving to North Carolina, I discovered my ability to carve and sculpt wood. So this tree is a tribute to my grandmother and the joy it now bring to others.

                  Carved Mahogany.

Donor Tree for the National Board of Certified Counselors, Greensboro North Carolina 2013.
  I sculpted this 13 foot tall tree using poplar wood for the trunk, stainless steel to simulate the leaves and aluminum  with steel for the vine. The rock is created from a wooden shell covered with wire netting  and then applying cement , which I formed to simulate a large rock..
 I created a plaque dedicated to Dr Loyd A Stone,  Pinnacle Society,
 where I blended  it into the face of the rock.

                                    Queen Maeve   
                                    Carved walnut
Resides in the Willioam Butler Yeats  Museum, Sligo, Ireland.

                      Rising form.                                          
        Purple Heart Wood. 26" tall.

Partial display of my work process in carving my wood sculpture of Mary for Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church in High Point. North Carolina.

Spanish Cedar Height 36"by 36".

                         The Lord of the Rings chess table
 Carved Oak, Black and White Glass, Pewter game pieces 

                               Eve.   (cast concrete)
               Life size bust.         

                                   Dancer                                              Sculpted concrete with acrylic wash. 23''tall 

This by far was one of my more intriguing  sculptures given that this memorial you see came to me in a dream. 
This young class mate to my daughter died at eight years of age after developing a brain tumor. I was deeply
 saddened by the loss of someone so young that I offered my services to the school  to create a memorial 
that would be a fitting tribute to this brave and very popular child, as well as help the children deal with the 
concept of death.  One night awakened from a deep sleep I remember laying there wondering what it was
 that had awakened me. I had become so wide awake that I wanted to get up, however given that it was about 2AM, I knew that the next day I would end up paying for it. I decided to try to go back to sleep. After some time
 while trying to relax myself  to where eventually I was almost asleep, this marvelous image suddenly appeared in my mind. It had such clarity that I blurted out then looked to see if I had awakened my wife. I saw a  silhouette
 of Corbin sitting in a swing and looking back over her shoulder from where she had passed through. On each side of her were two angels waiting to welcome her. Images of her life and  silhouettes of her favorite animals were 
revolving in their separate windows on each side of the doorway. Overhead in a great arch was a reminder of where we all came from as we pass downward into this life before we return again to the heavens. Immediately after experiencing this, I got out of bed and sketched out the image that I saw. I was very excited in knowing that I had experienced something very special that would have a great impact on all those involved.

                                                              The Enchantress.
                                     Sculpted cement, resin and brass wire. 28" tall.

Into The Light