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Woodcarved panel of St Anthony and the Christ Child to fit  this metal frame for St Pius Catholic Church, Greensboro, NC.

3 feet tall wood carved San Danimo Corpus for All Saints Episcopal Church, Monroe, Louiseana.

Before (left) and after (right) I came in and redesigned confessionals for Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church in Greensboro, NC. The curtains for both penitents were replaced with new crafted doors. I then created the stained glass panels for each door including carved rosettes over the windows. I removed the center door and redesigneda stained glass window style and carvings to match the new doors.

One of the two new doors replacing the curtains that I created on each side of the priests door.

Before and after altering the priests door adding my stained glass windows and carved rosettes overhead.

 Carving in the rosettes that will be installed over each of the three stained                     glass windows.

     Gothic styled wood carved hymnal with symbols devoted to Mary at Our Lady of Grace  Catholic Church                                      Greensboro.2012.          

           Commissioned Tabernacle.   
  St Johns Anglican Church Greensboro. 

Commissioned hand carved door panels in Maple.
            St Paul the Apostle Catholic Church.

        Jesus Restores the Blind Mans Sight.                                    Cold cast bronze.
                         Private commission

Walnut wood carving of mother and child.

                     St Pius X Catholic Church. Greensboro Carving depicts St Pius X with children
                                                     and the Holy Vatican in the background. 
                                  Commissioned for St Pius Catholic Church, Greensboro.         

Heading 1

                 Work in progress for Imaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church. High Point. North Carolina.

                        Sculpted mahogany Lamb of God for St Thomas More Catholic Church.                                                                                                                                Chapel Hill North Carolina.                                                                                                                                                       ( Sculpture measures four feet long by four feet tall).

                       Commissioned tabernacle for St Paul's Episcopal Church, Richmond, VA.