Mother and Child (carved walnut).

    Wood carved panel commission, carved mahogany  panel
    frame. 12" tall by 71/2". St Anthony and the Christ Child. 
                                 St Pius Catholic Church Greensboro. NC.

                                     Dancing Geisha.
                  Hand carved mahogany with wrought iron                                     painted frame,and painted panels. 

      Civil War Soldier.
Taken from the above drawing at the battle of Gettysburg.
Hand carved mahogany panel and frame.
The border is blue denim. (14''x 17'').

Daydreamer (Carved mahogany. 14"wide by 24"tall. 

                                  The Flower Girl
 Hand carved mahogany panel and frame.(23'' x 14 1/2'') 

            Commissioned profile in mahogany wood.
          Holy Trinity Episcopal church Greensboro.

                                                 Tango dancer.
                               Carved MDF with acrylic paint finish.
                                                 (40'' x 22'')

Into The Light