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Paul's 6.5 ft bronze statue of a fully equipped firefighter with two children looking to the flag,
dedicated in October 2005 to the Greensboro Fire department.

 Northwest Guildford VFW Post 7999
   Dedicated Summerfield, North Carolina. 
November 11th 2012

​Life size W11 bronze sculpture bust.

In 1999 the gentleman to my right, my wife's uncle, Col Harold Raley Dunn of the US Cavalry during WW2, gave me a gift of a wood turning lathe. While I was teaching myself  how to operate it, my wife Francesca suggested as a thank you that I make his wife Mary a walking stick. It was while working on this cane that I discovered that I possessed a talent for wood carving. That cane launched me into the world of art and sculpture that has since had a profound effect on me and on the people that I sculpted for. Thirteen years later Col Dunn, aged 95, flew up from Texas to be a part of this veterans dedication. At the podium I took the opportunity to tell everyone present my story on how I came to being there that day it was an opportunity to honor him and his wife Mary who served as a 1st Lieutenant with the army medical core in the dedication. It was a touching experience being able  to thank someone special in my life. When I looked at him, both he and his grandson were in tears.

Bronze sculpture created for Koury Corporation of Greensboro.
          The eight and a half foot bronze statue was installed at the entrance of their 1500                              acre Grandover resort area in Greensboro. North Carolina.                          January 2012.

                                        Boys Best Friend.                                                                             Life size bronze sculptures.                                      Installed at the Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens. Charlotte, North Carolina. Oct, 2017.

Patrick after two years returns to Hospice of Greensboro as a bronze sculpture.  Waiting by the front entrance of Kids path to greet all those who come to visit.

A fluffy haired droopy eyed wheaten terrier Patrick lived at Beacon Place, a home for dying people operated  
by Hospice and Palliative care in Greensboro. Patrick's job was to make people smile as he wandered from room to room. Patrick always knew when someone was about to pass away. He would stay with them his big eyes watchful, and when they were gone Patrick would curl up and sleep and sleep. For two years he faithfully watched over his friends at Beacon Place but the strain of letting go so many times proved to much for him. 
A psychologist was hired by the staff at Beacon Place diagnosed him as chronically sad. Patrick was then move to a new location The Charlotte museum of history where he spent his days tagging along with school children tours.Hospice brought me on board to create a sculptural tribute to Patrick, so with the aid of photos I created this prototype which was greatly recieved by Hospice. A larger than life model was then created and is currentlybeing cast in bronze by Carolina Bronze.