For over twenty years I have been creating some of the finest hand-carved Bishops Croziers and other liturgical works for several denominational churches throughout the USA.
Each of my croziers are designed and hand-carved to your personel specification.
I look forward to an opportunity where with my artistic skills I can create a unique and personalized crozier for you.

   The Right Rev David C..Bryan.              After the presentation of my crosier at All Saints Episcopal Church. Pawley's Island South Carolina. 2013.

                                   st Rev. Jose H. Gomez of Los Angel

                                Commissioned Crozier 
               for Arch Bishop Jose Gomez of Los Angeles
                          Mahogany, Maple and Ebony. 

Custom made bishops crozier depicting the four Evangelists
 Purple heart wood , Maple and inlaid white glass.

Bishop De De Duncan Probe. Episcopal Diocese of New York  admiring her new crozier.

 Francesca and I with Bishop Jugis of North Carolina with my crozier
     Nov 2003, Vicariate celebration at St Pauls the Apostle Church,                                                               Greensboro.

Hand Carved Walnut Bishops Crozier.
Tribute to St Patrick.
Numerous Celtic symbols blend together
 early Pagan and Christian beliefs.
On permanent display in the  Sligo County Museum, Ireland.

Bishop Ken Ross, Diocese of the Rocky Mountains, Colorado.

 Bishop Kevin Brown. Episcopal Diocese of Delaware.

Dark mahogany crozier with hand carved Canteburry Cross.
                                  for Bishop Santosh Murray of the Episcopal                                     Diocese of Easton Maryland.

Custom made carry cases with crozier stand.

Folding crozier stand in mahogany wood with locking key.
     All other wood choices are available upon request.

Custom made crozier in mahogany for the            Rt. Rev. John C. Bauerschmidt
   The Episcopal Diocese of Tennessee.

Carving depicts Colorado's state flower.  Blue  Columbine.

Alpha Omega/ Chi Rho carving and the Triquetra.

Episcopal Church in Colorado. Bishop Kym Lucas became the first female bishop as well as the first African American bishop in the diocese’s 132-year history.
​May 18th 2019.

Carving depicts the Triquetra.depicts

Carving depicts Tenneessee's state flower. The Iris.

I created this crozier for Bishop Phoebe Roaf who is the first  female African American bishop to lead the West Tenneessee Episcopal Diocese in Memphis. Teneessee.  Nov 17th 2018.

I created this crozier and folding stand  for the Very Rev. Ryan Reed of St. Vincent's Cathedral Church in Fort Worth, Texas.

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